Sanchi pants - black - Fransje Sophie

Timeless design


The elegance of modern simplicity with this meticulously designed piece. From hidden pockets to sleek lines, our contemporary minimalistic style is perfect for a timeless wardrobe.

Deep hems

Designed for easy length alterations, thanks to deep hems.

Luxury fabric

This heavy twill tailoring is a modern, clean fabric. Drapey and comfortable to wear, this fabric falls effortlessly with the pleat features in this design.

Conscious fashion, fair pricing

Fransje Sophie stands for conscious fashion for a fair price, and this is how it is done. Join me in making a stylish statement that's good for people and the planet. Shop now and be part of the change.


Timeless pieces that are here to stay, that means no additional markups for future sales.

Fair production

Each garment is ethically made right here in the Netherlands, ensuring quality craftsmanship and safe working conditions.

Luxury fabrics

All the luxurious fabrics are either upcycled or sourced locally in Europe.


Fransje Sophie only sells online or at the atelier. This means cutting out the middle man and eliminating any additional costs.

Ethically made

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all products are made locally and ethically with fair working conditions. By choosing my brand, you are not just getting a quality product, but you are also supporting a movement towards social impact, better working conditions and more economic equality. You can feel good about your purchase knowing that you are contributing to a better world.

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