I want to make a statement.
No more fast fashion. No more overproduction.
That’s why I create contemporary and sophisticated items.
Tailored. Ethically made.

Caral top - off-white - Fransje Sophie


I want ‘sustainability’ to be the new fashion standard.
So I make choices that make a positive impact. Like less is more.

I choose to work with high end fabrics from Europe, from Italy & France.

And I produce all garments right here, in the Netherlands. Designed in Maastricht, our most sophisticated city.


I am contemporary, elegant and feminine.


I know who I am and I am well aware of my role in the world.


I create beautiful statement pieces that go way beyond trends.


I love true craftsmanship with eye for detail. Like back in the days.

Fransje Sophie

Fransje Sophie is a fashion label that creates statement pieces for sophisticated women.
Women who know who they are.
And know what they want in life.
They do not follow the mainstream.
But make their own choices.
They choose quality over quantity.
And timeless over trendy.
They are well aware of their role in the world.

And I feel honored to style them.

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