How it all began

I am very proud to announce that today my very own fashion label is live. It is one of the most exciting things I have been working on. And the most scary one, that as well.

Ladies in lines Fransje Sophie fashion

Since I was a young girl this became a dream of mine. Let’s go back to 2005. I made a lot of drawings, this was one of the first fashion sketches I’ve made. This was one of the sketches that made my desire so clear. I wanted to be a fashion designer. At that time I did not act on it, as I was not sure what my role would be as 'yet another designer'. 

Jack of all trades

As a true Jack of all trades, I have followed many interests and passions. But this dream kept glowing inside of me. I could not not act on it. But then, where to start? The years past and my path became more clear. With very clear values in mind. 

Conscious choices

With my fashion label, I want to create impact and awareness by making conscious choices that are better for the planet. I choose quality over quantity. I produce guilt free and very local. And I choose ‘timeless’ over ‘trendy’. I want to do good, I want to beat the system. Sustainability and fair wages should be the standard. 


After many trainings, many sketches, and many many fabric swatches; it was time to receive my very first garment sample. This is so amazing! It is all in your head and then suddenly it is materialized, you have it in your hands! And here we are, flash forward to 2023, the year of launching my label. My essential items are now for the world, for you. 

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How it all began - Fransje Sophie
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